Quetzaltenango (Xela) is located in an agricultural region 2,400 m above the sea level. Has a population of 150,000 of which 65 per cent are indigenous. Local lenguages are K’iche, Mam and Spanish. Quetzaltenango is important for commerce but its periphery and rural areas present poverty levels are as high as 93.8 per cent reflecting high levels of malnutrition, illiteracy, lack of services, social exclusion.


Today urban areas are going through the increase of violence, the proliferation of gangs and street crime caused by a generation of children and young that did not have the opportunity to meet education, that were stripped of hope, dreams and faith.


Today Quetzaltenango is the first destination chosen by gangs to operate. Most gang members have migrated from Guatemala City occupying different urban areas. Zone 2, 5, 7, 9 and 10 have become the preferred areas for the gangs to live inviting neighbors to join violence, extortion and crime.


















Children and young are vulnerable and exposed. Our mission center is located in zone 10 and we work four programs partnering with the Franklin First United Methodist Church from Tennessee.



A new way to support prevention and transformation:

Incorporating the method learning by living. The learning

process starts with identifying and describing everyone's own personal experience,and that knowledge is built upon

 through various activities done in groups. This

strategy aims to empower children and young to take control of their own learning with professional and responsible

 orientation, also to develop skills for life.



Popular Education:

Spiritual Care through Bible School. All of our actions are focused

on Christian values based on the love of Christ for transformation of the Spirit and family restoration.






Sports and recreational activities introduce

structure, direction and discipline engaging compromise and goals, it also has social

benefits for community integration, and it is fun.



Football/Recreation Opportunities

A nutritional program to introduce the importance of vegetables and fruits in our daily life.

 Fresco provides our participants a portion of V/F once in a week to

share with their families in order to help family economy.




“Join preventive and transforming actions”


ACD Guatemala is a Franklin First United Methodist Church, Tennessee Mission Partner



Association for the Creativity and Development of Guatemala

Tel: 502- 42330034

1 Avenida 1-50 zona 10, Quetzaltenango Guatemala