Democracy & Research


«Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but it is one of the essential foundations to build a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world»

Every community must be empowered to make decisions and set the course of its future, so girls, young women and adult women cannot remain on the sidelines. Our community is very active, community leadership is well organized, and the contribution of women has been

Thus, the new generations of girls and teens must know their rights and the importance of gender equality as a fundamental right for the construction of peaceful and developed communities.

At ACD Guatemala we have a special interest in supporting this process and we are a support center for organized women and their legacy for their daughters, granddaughters, sons, and grandsons. Our community center, in addition to providing space, contributes to capacity building through trainings, talks and dialogues with leaders, students, missionaries, and government officials to create strategies for the inclusion of women at all levels.


 ACD is based on social research to approximate the everyday realities of the community. This allows the construction of inclusive and participatory projects and programs with greater impact. The organization also generates alliances with local and international universities in support of the production of new scientific knowledge and sustainable transformation. If you want to know more about research programs, email us to