Due to severe vulnerable conditions, such as few resources, no job opportunities, organized crime, loss of family habitat, no educational opportunities, social marginalization, discrimination and racism, Guatemalan children, families, and individuals migrate from Guatemala to other places of Guatemala, México or the United States of America in search for safety and opportunities.

Our research on thousands of Guatemalan migrant children who went to the United States gave rise to our programs. What we do are responsive actions to the problem of inequality, poverty, and extreme waves of violence against vulnerable populations based on Human Rights. We know that migrating is a right, but not migrating is also a right.


Our Actions

  • Educate about human rights
    Inform about the risks and dangers of irregular migration (in schools, community centers, organized groups, nonprofits)
  •  Build alternatives for children / youth or families at risk of migrating
  •  Train community leaders on risks of migration and create community support networks to search for alternatives in Guatemala
  •  Train government officials on the rights of migrants (Salvadorans, Hondurans, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans, who mainly pass through Guatemala though sometimes remain in the country)
  • Collaborate with community leaders and consulates to search for missing persons
  • Support relatives of migrants to locate detainees in México or the US