Medical Care

Medical Care

With compassion and love, our clinic treats common diseases and enables a program for diabetic and hypertensive patients on a permanent basis with medicine and regular
monitoring. Our community clinic is in Pacajá, Quetzaltenango and is the result of many local and international efforts for health care in our community and rural areas. ACD Guatemala´s clinic also coordinates International Health Missions each year.

Diabetes and hypertension are diseases that are on the rise in rural communities. Corn is the source of sustenance for all Guatemalans, but it is also a great source of sugar, as are potatoes, beans, and rice. While these are low cost sources of energy, they are high in glucose. Studies have shown that vulnerable families are more likely to consume these foods with little consumption of eggs, fruits or vegetables, despite the fact many families come from an agricultural background. Communities are also highly exposed to carbonated beverages and inexpensive snacks that increase the risk of developing diabetes at an early age.

For these reasons, our actions seek prevention through food education to reduce and prevent diseases through:

1) functional food education

2) botanical garden, created to learn, prevent and heal with the plants that grandparents and grandmothers taught Mayan children.